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KL Security Review was set up on 16 Sept 2007 in conjunction with the anniversary of the establishment day of the Malaysian Armed Forces, and this day is also a day to be commemorated of the formation of Malaysia Day.

KLSR is an online military news portal cum media centre that was registered in Malaysia. We were named such because we understand that Malaysia is situated at a strategic centre of the East Asia and holds a strategic point in the bottle neck of the Straits of Malacca, a strategic place where US, Japan, India, Russia and China are always competing among each other to control it. Therefore, we hope to use Kuala Lumpur as our base to cover news relating to security issues and strategic development matters in this region.

We pledge to provide our international clients and readers with comprehensive reports and analysis on issues related to military, diplomatic, weaponry development and security agenda. We also provide caption story on military news to our clients.

We pledge to provide quality reports and analysis. All the reports will be checked and verified by our frontline journalists before get released.

Due to man power constraint, we will focus on news and analysis on security issues in Malaysia at the moment and will gradually expand our focus into Singapore before extending it into Indonesia and Brunei in the next six months. We believed in such a way, we can gradually move into other main countries in South East Asia.

We certainly need your long term support to set up our brand name and to establish our reporting team within this region.

We can be reached at; Fax: +603-77838354



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About Us
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