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A Su-30MKM’s Ejection Seat was accidentally ejected

Kuala Lumpur, KLS: The Royal Malaysian Air Force confirmed a report that a Su-30MKM’s K-36 series ejection seat was accidentally ejected on the ground two years ago.

“Yes, the incident happened on 8 September 2008,”Chief of Malaysian Air Force General Rodzali bin Daud told KLS.

What KLS understood is there is different thoughts exist between the RMAF’s personnel and Sukhoi company in maintaining and operating Su-30MKMs that resulted in several damages and incidents happened.

The RMAF admitted recently that two Su-30MKM’s engines were damaged by FOD. Apart from that, KLS understood that the FOD including birds.

This ejection seat accidentally ejected incident has caused damages to the aircraft and certain amount of financial lost.

Rodzali said the RMAF had carried out the Board of Inquiry (BOI) and several steps had been taken to get Rosoboronexport to compensate for damages incurred by the RMAF.

Su-30MKM is equipped with K-36 series ejection seat which is proven product. However, this time the ejection seat was ejected not during emergency time but because of the wrongdoing of the RMAF personnel.


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