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Boustead Naval Shipyard Awarded SLEP Contract

Kuala Lumpur, KLS: Malaysia's government officially awarded contract to Boustead Naval Shipyard to carry out Ship Life Extension Program on two Kasturi class ships.

Boustead Naval Shipyard announced this news yesterday that this contract worth RM 703.823220mil, and the company bound to complete the program within 53 months.

Despite of BNS secured the contract just recently, the shipyard has already begun the initial work several months ago, including disintegrated weapon system and paint.

BNS is likely to start the SLEP very soon, but French Thales company also gained a contract to provide electronic system for two Kasturi class ships so as to extend their life for another ten years.

The Royal Malaysian Navy planned to upgrade their anti-submarine and anti-surface capability. For instances, installing TACTICOS CMS, DA-08 radar, MAV navigation radar, Thales Nederland’s Mirador-IR, two Eurotorp B515 torpedo launchers, A244S Whitehead torpedoes, DR3000S electronic support system, Link Y MK 2.5, TERMA SKWS, 8xMM40 Block II missiles,and ATLAS Electronik’s DSQS-24C sonar system.

Moreover, BNS will remove the 100mm main gun and replace with the Bofors 57mm rear gun; and the Anti Submarine Rocket Launchers replace with two Eurotorp B515 torpedo launchers. The two aft 30mm anti-aircraft guns will also be improved.

KD Kasturi and KD Lekir were launched respectively on May 14th, 1983 and August 15, 1984, in Germany. They are already reaching 26 year old now, and they are the RMN’s Strike Flotilla.

The illustration of KD Kasturi after finishing the SLEP.

The comparison of old to new Kasturi class ship after the SLEP been carried out.


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