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KD Hang Tuah gets back from Gulf of Aden on April 30

KLS: Royal Malaysian Navy said today its training ship – KD Hang Tuah will return from Gulf of Aden to Malaysia on April 30, 2009.

KD Hang Tuah was dispatched to Gulf of Aden in Feb this year to replace KD Sri Indera Sakti support ship. It means KD Hang Tuah is the fifth naval vessel which dispatched to Gulf of Aden.

KD Hang Tuah’s mission is also escorting the Malaysian merchant ships to pass by the dangerous area even though she is just a training ship.

Chief of Malaysian Navy, Admiral Abdul Aziz Jaafar, confirmed today that KD Hang Tuah will end its mission on April 30.

In addition, he told KLS that KD Hang Tuah has been deployed at Gulf of Aden since February this year.

However, according to KLS understanding, RMN decided not to make public the deployment information due to security reason.

KLS also learnt that there are many cadets on board. The purpose is to make the cadets experience the long distance voyage.

KLS will release the official KD Hang Tuah’s escort mission photos in near future after getting the approval from Navy.


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