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New Anti Tank Guided Weapon Was Chosen

KLS: Malaysian Defense Ministry’ tender board had completed its international tender exercise on Anti Tank Guided Weapon and choice has been made, but no announcement can be made so far.

General Muhammad Ismail bin Hj Jamaluddin, Chief of Malaysian Army, said the tender exercise on Anti Tank Guided Weapon has been completed.

“Tender board has made its decision, if I am not mistaken, and we are still waiting for the answer from respective authority.”

“Formally, we haven’t informed which company or which system selected, we will come to it,” he said.

According to KLS understanding, the most popular candidates are Russian Kornet-E and Metis-M, and South African INGWE.

On the other hand, he disclosed that Army’s Starburst missile system has reached its operational usefulness, and Army is planning to replace the entire Starburst system under Tenth Plan.

“Army has made its decision to categorize starburst as obsolescent, subsequently obsolete. Meaning now army has to find replacement for starburst.”

General Ismail, however, said that Army hasn’t identified any missile system and even there is no allocation yet.

“In the absence of directive from Armed Forces HQ, Army has to plan first, most probably it could be an armed forces program,” he added.

In order to ensure Starburst can still service for two years more, Army is introducing a life extension program to Starburst system.

South African INGWE Anti Tank Guided Missile is competiting with Russian Kornet-E and Metis-M.


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