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KD Sri Inderapura, Buying Cost 53 Million, Refit Cost 5445 Million

KLS: Malaysian Defense Ministry disclosed that the refit cost for KD Sri Inderapura was RM 54.45 million while its procurement cost was just RM 53 million.

Deputy Defense Minister Abu Seman Yusop told Parliament on Feb 26, that KD Sri Inderapura was bought on December 16, 1994, and had undergone refit program on Feb 2, 2000 at Malaysia Shipyard Engineering Pasir Gudang, Johor.

KD Sri Inderapura is a second hand ship which bought from the United States. Its former name was USS Button Buck County (LST 1192), was built on Feb 7, 1970, and launched on November 7, 1970. In other word, KD Sri Inderapura is 39 year old now.

Abu Seman Yusop said buying this second ship was worth in terms of cost because it could still carry out escort mission at Gulf of Aden.

RMN has totally three support ships, KD Sri Inderasakti, KD Sri Inderapura and KD Mahawangsa. Due to high maintainence cost and those ships are getting old, RMN expected to launch Multirole Support Ship under Ninth Plan. But the procurement program was halted because national economic difficulty.

KD Sri Inderapura is 30 year ond now.


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