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●KD Sri Inderapura, Buying Cost 53 Million, Refit Cost 5445 Million (28/2)(New!)
●Su-30MKM, No Spare Parts from China (23/2)
●Chinese New Year Greeting Activity (5/1)
●Malaysian military is deploying locally-made Aludra UAV (30/12)
●VERA-E Will Boost Malaysia's Counter Stealth Aircraft Capability (25/11)
●Defense Development Budget was slashed 50% by Malaysia (22/10)
●Marine Regiment for Malaysian Armed Forces in the far future (22/09)
●Ukraine Denied Aiding China to Construct Aircraft Carrier (9/09)
●The Outlook of Defence Cooperation Between Malaysia and Ukraine (8/09)
●Exclusive Interview With Indian Former External Affairs Minister (25/06)
●Interview with Chief of Malaysian Air Force (15/06)
●Interview With Chief of Navy of Malaysia (29/05)
●Malaysia not yet ready to achieve Defence Self Reliance (02/01)
●The U.S tends to deploy Globl Hawk in Malaysia (8/10)
●Malaysia's Ministry of Defence Website was hacked 4 times in the last five years (22/9)


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